Good Job Taco Bell!

A cashier at Taco Bell caught me off guard this week.  I was at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville.  The Taco Bell was small and crowded with the lunch rush; but it was moving fast.  Before I could even greet “Kenya”, she had handed my six year old son his own kids size cup.  She was talking to him right away and patiently letting him give his own order.  After we all ordered, she asked him directly “How about some cinnamon crisps?”  I must say I was at least a little curious, that she just let my son add a buck to our order; but I was enjoying it and just went with it. 

Once we sat down, I looked at the receipt.  No charge for the kids drink or the cinnamon crisps…wow.  I was impressed!  Sure it was only a 79 cent gift; but it was a big deal to me.  She had gone out of her way to greet us and to make a hospital lunch time fun.  I have a rule that I never let a business out give me.  Seriously, they may’ve made a small gesture; but it was given so cheerfully and it meant a lot at that particular time.  So not only do I brag online about Kenya’s generosity; but I also enjoy shooting the corporate site a quick email to brag on how Kenya is such an asset to Taco Bell and how I will tell all of my friends and go out of my way to eat there more often to make sure their investment in us was a good one.  Good job!


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