As VP of Strategic Alliances, I have worked with The Dave Ramsey Organization for nine years.  Specifically, I lead a team that operates a referral program within our company called The Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) program that connects 20,000 Dave Ramsey fans per month with local professionals we endorse for investing, buying or selling real estate, purchasing health insurance and tax preparation.  We endorse 1,500 ELPs and have a close relationship with each one.  We track their success, customer satisfaction, coach them as they grow their businesses and we get to witness on a large scale the differences between highly successful business people and those that never seem to prosper.  Understanding and simplifying the patterns between our top ELPs has become a passion of mine.  My second passion is understanding people and why they act the way they do each day.  These two passions come together to spark the thoughts, questions and perplexities of how we treat each other in business, otherwise known as Customer Service.

I am a native of Nashville, TN and have a wonderful wife and five children that often provide me with my greatest leadership lessons of all.


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